We're now doing daily giveaways! Each day, we're giving away a Fortnite skin to one winner who can pick from what's available in the Item Shop at that time.

Once the timer expires at 11:55am UTC, a winner is chosen randomly from all entries and will be contacted from 'fnbrdotco' on Fortnite to sort out their prize.

Please read our Giveaway Terms & Conditions for more information and to ensure eligibility to enter. Good luck!

Current Giveaway

You can enter for free once per hour — the more entries you have, the higher chances of winning!

Entries so far: 669

Past Winners

If you see yourself make sure you allow friend requests so we can contact you from 'fnbrdotco'. If there is no response within 7 days another winner will be chosen!

Jun 13th — noobasarus
Prize pending…
Jun 12th — I_love_vandana
Prize pending…
Jun 11th — MR.DaddyPigy
Prize pending…
Jun 10th — NTKQ_2403
Prize pending…
Prize pending…
Jun 8th — J_chucky1977
Prize pending…
Jun 7th — chainedcoffins
Prize pending…
Jun 6th — CapedCrusader89
Prize pending…
Jun 5th — Aimz2survive
Prize pending…
Jun 4th — Sa-mmie1
Prize pending…
Jun 3rd — Larxet1
Jun 2nd — Alex71920
Prize pending…
Jun 1st — StrikingGalaxy08
May 31st — Fangza5
Prize pending…
May 30th — oni_77L
May 29th — pobuny123
Prize pending…
May 28th — BOXED_BY_SLAY_fn
Prize pending…
May 27th — poketo cola
May 26th — sHrImPo113
May 25th — Gabby_28042011
May 24th — Robotje333
May 23rd — ProTurboCharged
May 22nd — Ytdefaultforlife
May 21st — Alston iwnl
May 20th — Cptn turk
May 19th — sOuRcOwBoY_jAcOb
May 18th — FluffyHuskyTail
May 17th — happyseagull_
May 16th — OurTrickyTrio
May 15th — ShadowzYT8305